Contact Information

265 South Federal Highway, Suite 125
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

Phone: 954-412-2075

Direct Placement

Safeguard Healthcare Direct, our direct hiring group, will search for the ideal candidate for positions ranging from IT applications, project management, and implementation specialists, to revenue cycle Various IT personnel.

We leverage Safeguard’s collective decades experience in the healthcare staffing, project management, and outsourcing, our direct placement service, and distinct skills in matching good people with good clients. As an ideal partner for focused IT recruiting or other hard-to-fill positions, Safeguard Direct handles the entire search and recruitment process.

Safeguard Healthcare will bring our talents to finding the best candidates to match your job description, fit your personality profile and ensure long-term retention.

Safeguard Healthcare Direct services include:

  • Leverage our vast relationship network
  • Advertising
  • Responding to candidate inquiries
  • Accepting and screening applications and resumes
  • Interviewing
  • Skills and personality fit assessment
  • Conducting background checks and drug testing
  • Verifying prior employment information

All of these services are available for a single fee. If you want great people and don’t want to handle the hiring process, let Safeguard Direct join you as a partner to help catalyse the growth of your great team!